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Uniquely Yours Catering offers an abundance of talent as well as a variety of flavors and innovation. From the kitchen to the everyday operations, we strive to ensure that each and every event is infused with excellence and professionalism. It is our passion to create the most memorable and unique events for our clients.

Alex Begovic - Executive ChefAlex Begovic - Executive Chef

There are not many people who possess the talents and resume of Executive Chef Alex Begovic. Since the late 80’s, Alex has earned a reputation for being able to create surprising and uniquely delectable flavor profiles. During this time he was able to hone his ability to artfully plate dishes that bring an exciting visual flair to the dining experience. His straight-forward, easy going, and honest demeanor, combined with his hard working attitude and passionate love of food, make Alex the perfect person to create, prepare, and present the wide variety of elegant and distinctive food choices at Uniquely Yours Catering.

Chef Alex Begovic has been working in the food and beverage industry for the past 24 years and was trained in Paris and in the Loire Valley. After moving to America 22 years ago, Alex worked at Maxime’s Restaurant in Upstate New York. From there he was offered the opportunity to work under the tutelage of world renowned Chef Fabrice Canel at Moose’s Restaurant in North Beach San Francisco.

He later followed his passion for food expertise to Seattle, where he worked at the Place Pigalle Restaurant in the Pike Place Market before becoming the Executive Chef of California Catering in Kent Washington. Presently living in beautiful Humboldt County for the past 10 years, you may have dined with Alex during his years as the Executive Chef at the Ingomar Club and Jambalaya. He was also helpful in overseeing the catering operations of Hurricane Kate’s. And lastly, he has continually been involved in our community teaching cooking classes at the Eureka Co-op and helping in several community projects whenever they present themselves.

Elizabeth Adams - Owner and Event PlannerElizabeth Adams - Owner and Event Planner

Elizabeth Adams, owner of Uniquely Yours Catering, has been actively involved in the food service industry over the past 29 years. Her involvement began in the early 1980’s when she was responsible for catering and over seeing operations at the San Diego Women’s Club. While doing this, she started a food business in San Diego call “No-Guilt Desserts”. This “Lite” dessert line was soon found being served and sold in restaurants, Costco, and gourmet retail food stores.

In December 1987, Elizabeth moved to beautiful Humboldt County to take a short break and spend quality time with her family. She resumed her passion for catering as the director at Abruzzi Catering in Arcata.

In 2004, the opportunity to purchase her own restaurant, Hurricane Kate’s, became a reality. While running the front of the house operations, Elizabeth continued to cater and build her clientele. Towards the end of 2011 and newly remarried, Elizabeth made the decision to sell Hurricane Kate’s so that she could concentrate solely on her passion for catering.

Elizabeth is an expert when it comes to accommodation and maintaining a budget. Her main focus is to ensure that every event is a success. Clients often report that Elizabeth is friendly, a good listener, and has the uncanny ability to address any issue when planning an event. She embraces the challenges that are unique to each event with excitement and a level head. Each event’s details motivate her to put together a perfect plan to exceed her client’s expectations each and every time.

Andy Dickey - Marketing DirectorAndy Dickey - Marketing Director

Andy Dickey, our Director of Marketing, is no stranger to Humboldt County. He moved here in 1966 with his family at the age of 9, so that his father could run his family business known as Rich Well Drilling. With the family owned business being located in his backyard, working for his father was an easy choice through out his teen years until the age of 23.

In the year 1981, a new chapter in his life began to unfold, when he made the choice to become a cabinet maker. Over the next 30 years, his business Cabinets by Andy became a leader in the cabinet making business for Humboldt County.

While dining in Hurricane Kate’s in 2009, Andy met his wife, Elizabeth Adams, owner and operator of Hurricane Kate’s. When they decided to marry, they knew that running two businesses would not allow for ample quality time together. In the Winter of 2011, Andy retired from Cabinets by Andy to allow his children to run it, and Elizabeth sold Hurricane Kate’s.

Finding that they have an excellent working relationship, they joined forces to actively pursue now both of theirs’ passion for Catering. Andy’s passion for Marketing, has become a natural fit for Uniquely Yours Catering. Andy is mindful of those around him and goes above and beyond to ensure that proper training, professional development, and the best practices are the top priority at Uniquely Yours Catering.

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